Sunday, November 8, 2009

Trip extension and random musings

After 8 nights at Samsara I knew I wasn't ready to go home yet and extended my flight by 2 days--so I ended up staying a total of 10 nights. In that time I only went to the beach 2 times--once as documented earlier in this blog on the Samsara shuttle. The other time I took route taxis down to waves park (where Niahs is). The first taxi was quick and easy to the roundabout, route taxis are only 80 J per segment and my preferred mode of transport in Negril. Then I walked across the bridge to the river and down the road a bit and started looking for route taxi number 2. A car with two guys, one with dreads and one with shorter hair--pulled up alongside me. They were pumping some tunes and had a weird vibe, they made me uncomfortable even though it was early in the day. They had a sort of hey baby come ride with us kind of attitude--but they had white plates so I knew they weren't a legit cab and told them I was waiting for a red plate route taxi. They both jumped in saying hey we are a taxi and produced a white business card with a name and number on it that said taxi--they handed me the card. I said no thanks and at that moment flagged down a route taxi that pulled up behind them. They cussed and told me to give them their card back which I did gladly. I told the route cab about them and he was shaking his head saying they were no good--to watch out for them.

Got to waves, Niahs was closed. I visited with my artist friend and went next door (is that guest house called Gatehouse?) and had a couple of drinks with Tony who works there and was tending bar. We had a good talk and he gave me some great bush medical advice for my bruising and hurt back. Then we reasoned and philosophized for a while. I really like him. He works hard, has a farm and cattle and also works at the guest house. He starts early and goes all day. He likes his solitude--which I can relate to as I am at times a loner too.

I went back to waves park and was hanging at the carvers that works by Niahs. He had a large lovely carving of a woman that I fell in love with--I couldn't keep my hands off it, it was so smooth. The carver was telling me about his life and his lack of women in his life how he had two beds etc. We joked around for a while. He talked about Jamaican women and how they get mad or run away. The whole time he was reclined on a table that had a mat on it. He said he wanted to a have a mixed child. I could see where the conversation was going. He knows my ex. He asked how he could get an application to be my guy. I just laughed and told him it wasn't an application type position and in fact the position wasn't open. He was good natured and we bantered for a while. I went back out to the road and got a cab to the roundabout and from there walked over to Juicy J for a fish dinner. Afterwards back to the roundabout to hook up with another cab back to Samsara. These simple runnings of the day so satisfying and great for the soul.

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