Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Naked man dancing on boat

An anecdotal snorkeling tale: I was out swimming towards the Blue Cave Castle near the buoys with my mask and snorkel, focused on sea life below me. I heard a boat approaching and raised my head, treading water to see where it was. I lifted my mask right as the boat passed right in front of me with music blaring and a naked man front and center dancing a wild dance with his dick waving in the air. I started laughing so hard I gagged on salt water. It was so incongruous after the silent peace of the depths of the sea. 

The naked man with swinging schlong on a passing boat was a shocker. I was all at peace with the sea and nature and all, it was during that quiet, calm pre-sunset time and I was in a total meditative zone. Then there he was with this loud music dancing on deck waving at people at Samsara. What a reality check. It must have been a boat from the Hedonism II resort.

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